What we do

In this age of advertising, brands and communication, words are daily tender. Agencies, consultants and advisors all contribute to an ever-growing vocabulary of discombobulated terminology. Whilst this is designed to provide clarity in an increasingly challenging market, it simply serves to confuse our natural instincts and common sense.

Brand Industry provides an integrated, no-nonsense approach to communication through branding and brand values, merging design expertise with simple communication principles and good old-fashioned inspiration to provide common sense solutions that really work.

Intelligence made simple

At Brand Industry we’ve been around long enough to know that one can’t talk one’s self to greatness. Results are achieved by coming to grips with challenges understanding the fundamental issues, and creating dynamic solutions that work. Our approach to marketing and communications is not a philosophical one, but is based on solid and practical principles. Sound common sense tempered with a wealth of experience and constant healthy challenge that results in a real understanding of your business objectives and goals, as well as your consumer/customer environment.

Knowledge = strength

We believe that it is impossible to communicate or advertise anything without a good understanding of the target audience: their needs, requirements, aspirations and consumer patterns. This is why business intelligence, familiarisation and research in its various forms are an integral part of our development processes - in order to establish a clear image in the mind of your consumer, you first need a clear image in your own mind. Or to put this differently: you cannot embark on a journey without a destination in mind, or expect to get there without considering the route.

Maximising differences (ages, cultures & disciplines) results in dynamic, idea-driven solutions

Brand Industry is a small team of exceptionally talented people with a unique mix of complementary experience. A passion for understanding markets and trends lies at the heart of our business. Our culture is truly multidisciplinary, which enables us to integrate a diverse range of skills in response to a variety of complex market challenges.

Creativity and strategic vision must be balanced by an active awareness of your real business needs. From consumer audit and research to cost engineering and production, we identify with our clients’ commercial imperatives and business goals. It is our ability to turn theory and words into practice and concepts into reality that delivers real competitive advantage and bottom-line performance.

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